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About Us

The story of The Pitter Platter started in a modest 10ftx10ft studio, where we began teaching art classes to kids. As demand grew, so did our aspirations. We eventually expanded to include a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery and Clay Studio. It was here that we introduced our custom handprint designs on platters, adding personalized keepsake dishware.

Despite the challenges of COVID leading to the closure of our physical studio, the spirit of The Pitter Platter lives on through our online presence. Rooted in a background of Fine Arts, The Pitter Platter represents years of dedication to crafting unique and high-quality designs. With a decade of experience operating a paint-your-own pottery studio, we've honed our craft and bring a wealth of artistic expertise to every piece.

Each creation is crafted with meticulous attention to detail by real artists who commit to artistic excellence. Our dedication to exceptional service ensures every customer receives a memorable and personalized keepsake platter.

With a focus on promoting thoughtfulness and meaningful connections, our designs appeal to those who appreciate the sentiment behind a personalized gift. Whether it's a mother cherishing her child's handprint, a father commemorating a special moment, or grandparents celebrating family milestones, our dishware serve as timeless reminders of love and joy.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of art and the magic of memories at The Pitter Platter. Explore our collection of custom handprint and footprint designs, and create timeless keepsakes for your loved ones.

Pics From Our Pottery Studio Days

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